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María Ángeles Ferrer-Forés is one of the most prestigious musicologists and music pedagogues of Spain, “Acción Magistral” Award by FAD-UNESCO-BBVA and Rome Prize from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She is PhD in Musicology, Music Professor in Secondary Education and music professor at the university. She is the author of more than a hundred books in collections of educational materials for students and teachers for Primary Education (collection Música Vuvuzela), Secondary Education (Música; Educación Plástica, Visual y Audiovisual; Dando la nota; Música Proyecto Exedra…), Baccalaureate (History of Art Guide for Bachellors) and outreach works (Educar personas felices; Tosca de Giacomo Puccini…) published by prestigious publishing labels AEON Libros, Pearson, Oxford University Press, Universidad de Salamanca… More than a million students and teachers have learned music and art with her methods, best sellers in the educational sector.

In addition, she has published more than a hundred articles in specialized magazines, proceedings of national and international conferences and notes to concert programs. She is a member of the organization of the Ibiza International Piano Competition, ACE, CEDRO, SGAE, Fundación Ramón Barce-Elena Martín, Parlamento Mundial de Educación (PAME) and Academia de la Música de España.

As a musicologist, writer, singer and pianist, she has extensive scientific and artistic production. She is a world specialist singer in the Medieval masterpiece “The Song of the Sibyl” (UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage).


of students and teachers enjoy music with her books







What will you find in the publications?

Publications of extraordinary quality (in paper and digital format), with current content, with the exclusive participation of great artists of music and the arts; facts with childhood and youth.

Made with exquisite
mime, generating materials
pioneers and unpublished in
the publishing landscape.

They reflect my 25 years
of experience as a teacher
and my social, artistic
commitment and educational.

It has the collaboration
exclusive from great artists
of the music and the arts that
contribute your vision,
talent and future expectations.


The most efficient methodology,
attractive, fascinating and practical
made “with” childhood and youth

Discover all my publications

If you are looking to enhance creativity in childhood and adolescence or if you want to delve into advanced knowledge, my books offer a musical and artistic journey for all ages. Discover the richness of music and art by educating your ears and your eyes, with books that are a door to the audiovisual world that surrounds us. Learn and enjoy.

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April 11, 2024

Mª Ángeles Ferrer Forés in Diario Ibiza: “Piano on the periphery of the periphery”

Many thanks to DIARIO de IBIZA for today's publication, "Piano on the periphery of the periphery", about our beloved Ibiza International Piano Competition.
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